Babu Król - Experience the Madness

This is a totally new one from us. Babu Król – a joint project by two famous Polish alternative scene personas Bajzel and Budyn (which translates into Mess & Pudding!) The first one is a one man orchestra, a legend of dance rythyms, hypnotic trans and Witkacy style poetics (Theatre of Absurd) known well also outside of Poland. Budyn (Pudding) is a vocalist, musician and perfomer who is known from his bravado on stage, theatre collaboration and uncompromising utter mad performances.


You are in for a treat, no matter the language, although the guys will perform some tunes in English too, but if you are into performance and music, and want something alternative, different, mad and warm at the same time. Come over. We will get you a FREE drink on us too! Win Win.

Kamil Che

Impresario, event producer, promoter, ticketing and arts marketing professional; passionate about theatre, film, festivals and all things creative. Personally a writer, poet and recently a vocalist and a songwriter. Human.